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I am an experienced wedding photographer and have covered weddings in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and a number of smaller (but no less important=) places in between.

My approach is to provide singularly exceptional client service and high quality images that truly tell the story of this important event in the lives of two people who believe that love and commitment matter. I do too (and am also married and a father) and I truly enjoy being present and bearing witness in the literal sense of the words to what I believe is one of life's most beautiful, meaningful and passionate events.

Every wedding has certain common elements, even though each wedding is as unique and special as the couple tying the knot. As a wedding photographer I see my role as more than simply documenting what is happening, though that is one of the key requirements. I am also there to bring my experience to bear and help create fantastic, fun, beautiful and engaging photos that are as much a part of the story as the one they are telling.

A wedding is unlike any other event. It brings together groups of people united around a common respect and appreciation for the love of two people. In this grouping will be family members, some very distant and others very close, as well as friends both new and old from both sides of the couple. And even if the couple marrying has been together for a long time, the wedding day brings something new and illuminating to their passion that may even surprise themselves. It is my job to make sure that when all the magic comes together, I have my lens focused on the right places at just the right moment.

As well, I can provide advice on the more technical aspects of capturing great wedding photos. I can and often do help out with posing the groups and individuals, and selecting the spaces within or around the venue to take any set photos. I'll have with me lighting and any other gear necessary.

For couples who get the value a professional photographer provides, I can and often do include a photo booth where guests can have fun, photos taken of themselves against a wide choice of backdrops. Onsite prints and even live streaming of images is easy to do as well and adds a high amount of enjoyment for everyone at the wedding.

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