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I cover weddings in Quebec in and around Montreal, including the Eastern Townships, Mont Tremblant, as well as in Ontario in Toronto, Ottawa and will travel to any destination. I focus on provide top-quality images and impeccable service to my clients.

I cover weddings that range from very traditional Orthodox ceremonies, to non-denominational services and same-sex unions. I work in all venues and bring with me all necessary lighting and equipment. Photobooths, onsite prints and other fun extra services can easily be worked into the wedding packages I offer at reasonable prices.

At weddings I typically capture a lot of candid images of guests interacting with each other and the newlyweds. I also allocate at least 30-60 minutes for a private session with the bride and groom, either before (though often after) the wedding ceremony to capture posed and unposed special photos just of them. This session often begins with the bride and groom's family members and guests of honour, whom I shoot with the bride and groom, and then slowly winnow down the group to just the bride and groom whom I stay with for some private shots.

I have covered large weddings of 350+ guests as well as smaller more intimate affairs.

With my premium clients the wedding package begins before the event, with engagement photos. I'll spend the day of the wedding itself capturing images of the bride alone and with her bridesmaids, getting ready for the ceremony, as well as some time with the groom and his best men before the action begins.

Once the main event begins I will be in place photographing the guests arriving, and the scenery and then move (as inconspicuously as possible) throughout the ceremony to capture shots of the bride and groom as they are married.

Just after the ceremony I often shoot the full group shot at an appropriate spot near where the ceremony takes place, and then, move into the guests of honour and bride and groom session.

During most weddings, I will cover the dancing and party part of the night, as well as the key speeches and moments during the speeches as the dinner unfolds.

Finally, my wedding packages will include posting a password protected gallery online of all images (lightly edited) for the bride and groom to choose from and/or share with their guests.

Final delivery will include a set of images edited for printing, prints and or/photobooks if requestes and an online gallery of high-res photos for downloads.
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